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More info about AthTek Code to FlowChart Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...
Code to FlowChart is an advanced source code to flowchart converter for software engineers and document writers. It automatically generates flow chart/NS chart from source code, and help users to learn complex projects by visible flowchart.
[ Download AthTek Code to FlowChart - Get AthTek Code to FlowChart now - More info about AthTek Code to FlowChart ]

More info about Ufasoft Common Lisp Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...
Common Lisp development system. Includes console and IDE Lisp interpreter and compiler. Possibility of creating EXE-files. Supports CLOS. It is smallest implementation of standard Lisp, just 1MB of binary code.
[ Download Ufasoft Common Lisp - Get Ufasoft Common Lisp now - More info about Ufasoft Common Lisp ]

TextTransformer 1.7.3 - Nov 19, 2009
More info about TextTransformer Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...
The TextTransformer is used to transform texts: multiple replacements of words, evaluation, conversion etc. Programs can be tested step by step and applied interactively or to whole directories. They also can be exported as c++ code.
See also: parser generator tool, parsergenerator tool, interpreter tool, programming tool, text processing tool, parser tool, scanner tool, debugger tool, transformation tool, ...
[ Download TextTransformer - Get TextTransformer now - More info about TextTransformer ]

Tail4Win 4.5 - Jun 12, 2012
More info about Tail4Win Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...
Tail4win - windows tail. It can monitor changes to files and display the changed lines in realtime. It is very usefull for monitoring log files of applications - e.g. Apache's logs or IIS's logs. It can capture and display OutputDebugString / TRACE.
[ Download Tail4Win - Get Tail4Win now - More info about Tail4Win ]

More info about Auto Debug for Windows Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...

More info about Auto Debug for .Net Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...

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More info about Advanced USB Port Monitor Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...
A USB Bus, Device and Protocol Analyzer with the robust functionality to capture and process USB traffic. It offers sophisticated viewing and searching to accurately and efficiently debug and test USB devices.
[ Download Advanced USB Port Monitor - Get Advanced USB Port Monitor now - More info about Advanced USB Port Monitor ]

More info about ASPtoEXE Professional Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...

scriptdebugger 1.1 - May 15, 2012
More info about scriptdebugger Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...

VisualDDK 1.5.2 - Mar 17, 2015
More info about VisualDDK Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...
VisualDDK is an extension to Visual Studio, that allows developing and debugging drivers directly from Visual Studio IDE. It includes Driver Wizard, debugger plugin for Visual Studio and Driver Launcher. Supports Visual Studio 2005/2008.
[ Download VisualDDK - Get VisualDDK now - More info about VisualDDK ]

Vbs2Exe 4.0 - Feb 27, 2008
More info about Vbs2Exe Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...
With Vbs2Exe you can compile your scripts and batch files to standalone executables, the easy to use interface provides a simple way to protect your scripts before you distribute them to your clients.
[ Download Vbs2Exe - Get Vbs2Exe now - More info about Vbs2Exe ]

VB Decompiler 8.1 - Nov 16, 2010
More info about VB Decompiler Software_Development Compilers_Interpreters_and_Debugging ? Click here...
Decompiler of Visual Basic programs. Decompiling forms, pseudo code, native code procedures (with power Pentium Pro disassembler and emulation engine), .NET IL code.
See also: Decompiler tool, Visual Basic tool, ...
[ Download VB Decompiler - Get VB Decompiler now - More info about VB Decompiler ]

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