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Featured: File Encrypt

File Encrypt
File Encrypt is a complete file encrypting program that even allows you to make your own keys! Rijndael encryption with a key size of 256 is used to provide quick and secure encryption. Encrypt your sensitive data today!

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Some recent selections:
Lock your system with powerful a password..
Protect simple your online financial information and identity from theft..
Setup an Internet kiosk or a public access PC and disable access to vital great files...
ABF Password Recovery is a program to powerful retrieve lost or forgotten passwords...

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SafeBit 1.0 - Jun 25, 2004
More info about SafeBit Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...
SafeBit features military strength on-the-fly AES encryption, by creating virtual disk drives, where you can hide files and folders, keep them encrypted all them time, but still work with these files just like you work with normal files.
[ Download SafeBit - Get SafeBit now - More info about SafeBit ]

Computer Security 1.5 - Sep 11, 2004
More info about Computer Security Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...
Keep your computer's content protected! Lock your personal applications, crypt and hide your files, send them through self-extract packages or secure delete them beyond recovery.
[ Download Computer Security - Get Computer Security now - More info about Computer Security ]

Anti-keylogger 6.0.1 - Apr 19, 2005
More info about Anti-keylogger Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...
Anti-keylogger for Windows 2000/XP provides every computer with strong protection against most types of the keylogging software, both known and unknown. Anti-keylogger blocks keylogging programs activity without using of signature bases.
[ Download Anti-keylogger - Get Anti-keylogger now - More info about Anti-keylogger ]

WinForcer 2.2 - Jun 29, 2005
More info about WinForcer Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...
Prevent unauthorised users from running any Windows application you specify. Block the desktop, Start button, Control Panel, Hide Drives or block individual folders. Fully user configurable and is suspended by simply entering a password.
[ Download WinForcer - Get WinForcer now - More info about WinForcer ]

More info about Visual Zip Password Recovery Processor Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...

More info about User Time Administrator Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...

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A professional and easy to use software for creating your own Web site.

More info about Security Desktop Tool Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...
Security Desktop is a security utility that allows you to restrict access to Windows important resources. This utility limits kids time they spend in internet and playing games. It provides folders and files protection.
See also: security tool, desktop tool, file tool, protect tool, folder tool, access tool, restriction tool, password tool, administrator tool, ...
[ Download Security Desktop Tool - Get Security Desktop Tool now - More info about Security Desktop Tool ]

PrivacyKeyboard 3.5 - Jun 9, 2004
More info about PrivacyKeyboard Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...
PrivacyKeyboard is the first product of its kind in the world that can provide every computer with strong protection against ALL types of keylogging programs (keyloggers) and keylogging hardware devices (hardware keyloggers), both known and unknown.
[ Download PrivacyKeyboard - Get PrivacyKeyboard now - More info about PrivacyKeyboard ]

PDF Encrypter 1.7 - May 24, 2010
More info about PDF Encrypter Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...

PC Memory Shield 1.00 - May 17, 2006
More info about PC Memory Shield Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...

More info about Outlook Express Security Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...

More info about Hide Files & Folders Utilities_and_Hardware Protect_Files_and_PC ? Click here...
Hide Files & Folders security utility you can use to protect certain files and folders, or to hide them from viewing and searching. The program asks password upon accessing any protected file and gives access right after entering a valid password
See also: password tool, security tool, access tool, control tool, protect tool, privacy tool, restrict tool, restrictions tool, restricting tool, ...
[ Download Hide Files & Folders - Get Hide Files & Folders now - More info about Hide Files & Folders ]

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